Monday, February 16, 2015

Minions Birthday Party Inspiration

I had so much fun last year preparing my sons 8 years birthday party. Two basic colors: yellow and blue and the funniest cartoons characters The Minions!

I found via Pinterest a lot of DIY ideas for decorations and activities. Printables are my favorites and I always have self-adhesive paper, that makes it easy to print and stick to any surface. In this case I printed on self-adhesive paper Minions eyes to decorate the drinking cups and cardboard paper for the Minions goggles.

For entertainment we had games like running with a spoon, target shooting and Minions bowling. I made the pines from plastic bottles that I painted blue and yellow and self-adhesive Minions faces.

My boys are not into conventional birthday cakes. So we put together a candy table with snacks, norwegian buns, Minions cupcakes and cotton candy.

Our cotton candy machine is from Clas Ohlson. Very fun to make and to eat.

Party table colorful details! The piñata is from Ballong Dekor.

This days you will find me more active on Instagram @livingfourseasons.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Light-Up DIY

Happy New Year! This is Living Four Seasons 3 years anniversary! 
I am hopping for bright, colorful, creative and happy 2015.
My favorite DIY idea from 2014 is my vanity mirror and pendant lamp.

How to hang the pendant lamp around the mirror was the tricky part but I found inspiration on the cooper trendy style and made a hanger out of cooper tubes from Clas Ohlson for the lamp.

I am still looking for creative ideas to change more lights around the house and get most of the details and forms. 

2015 I am ready!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Green All Year Round

I like to use plants and flowers as part of my home interior expressing my personal style. 
That is why there this green all year round my bench.

The unusual display place and how well the Pachira aquatica has adapted to the blue vase make a special big green impact to my bench decor that easily changes with the seasons.

A small pause to my advent counting to enter NIB December challenge decorating with plants.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Just Add The Occasion

Ice cream and brownies before dinner for the kiddos! Whats the occasion? It is Friday and a free school day!

The kids were home from school and I wanted to surprise them with some goodies and what a perfect occasion to try this ice cream hack idea that I saw on Pinterest.

Instead of serving ice cream in a typical bowl I made brownies in a cupcake pan. I filled each cup about two-thirds full and put another cupcake pan on the top. Remember to spray the pans with cooking spray if you are going to try it.

I put the pans in the oven following the brownie recipe instructions. 
The brownies bowls are ready to use after the pans are completely cool.

Our favorite ice cream is cookie dough and here in Norway Diplom-Is has a yummy Yogurt Ice Cream Dream Cookie Dough!

The kids loved it! Easy to serve and fun to eat.

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