Monday, August 24, 2015

Necklace MakeOver - DIY

Give a new life to those old pendant necklaces with leather cord!

I replaced the chains of some of my old pendant necklaces, that had beached and changed color, with leather cord.

You just need to cut the leather cord about the longer you want your necklace to hang and tie the ends. For some of my necklaces I cut double cord and tied the ends on each side so I can regulate how long I want the pendant to hang depending on my outfit.

The leather cord last longer and you can even change the color according to you outfit. I bought my leather cord from Panduro Hobby.

I hope to inspire you with this fashionable DIY idea.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


The Instagram community is full of people sharing inspiration and cheering one to another. I have lots of fun searching for real people on Instagram, specially hand makers. That is how I found Createaholic. Fanny works the macrame to a dreamy level. You can see all her work on her website or follow her on instagram @createaholic.

I was lucky and I won one of hers Insta give aways. This is "Idyll" a fab wall decor . 
The plant is from my local flower shop Blomsterlykke.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jars Decor DIY

Easy, simple and beautiful unique details are part of my favorites DIY projects. For my SEA table setting I pimped some jars that I had laying around.

All the materials for this project came from my recycled box. The rope was a gift package decoration from a present I got, the jars from candles, jam, etc... some I had recycled from my friends homes and the shells from beaches we had visit.

Super glue and Voila! 15 minutes later...

Perfect and practical because they can be use for different table decoration styles as candle jars or flowers vases, napkins holders... creativity has not limits!


Hope you feel inspired and thanks for stopping by

Monday, August 3, 2015

Vitamin SEA

It has been a very cold and wet summer and just before the season started I was already searching for the summer vitamin, the vitamin SEA.

I made this table decoration, for my lovely friend bachelor party, inspired by the sea. She is always talking about her beautiful place outside Barcelona were the sea controls the mood and the spirit.

It was fun to put in use all the beautiful shells that I have collected during the years from different places. This year I am going to bring home some from Barcelona since the wedding is going to be at the beach. 

I made the napkin rings myself and I am happy about how they turn out. In another post I will show how.

I also pimped old jars with shells. Perfect touch with water candle holders.

I wish to come back and keep my blog up. There are so many ideas that I will love to document and share. I will be happy if someone leaves me a comment to keep the dream alive.

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