Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Red Carpet Theme Party For a 10 Year Old del 2.

More Red Carpet party inspiration! This time from my boy's party with his classmates.

All the kids got the opportunity to start the party rocking the red carpet as we took their pictures like 
real paparazzi.

This ticket invitations from Ticket templates are absolute favorites. I only designed the glamourised picture perfect for the party´s theme, print and cut.
The table decorations were simple but very colorful and the large gold-letter balloons in honor of the birthday boy really pop-up under the party tent.

Popcorn cupcakes were a success, decorative and very easy to make. 
You only need mini marshmallows and regular cupcakes. I made chocolate and vanilla. Use clean scissors to cut an X shape on one side of the marshmallow. Put icing on the top of the cupcakes and press the mini marshmallows so the cupcake looks like a popcorn bag. Try blowtorching the marshmallows for natural popcorn look.
I used templates from Firsgradeteacherlady for fun party activities like giving student awards and personalize VIP back stage passes.

This was a really fun and memorable party! They kids enjoyed the food, the sweets and danced until their parents came to pick them up.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Color In The Bedroom

I am happy to enter this month NIB challenge "Color in the bedroom" with pictures of my boys blue bedroom.

You can say that this may look like coming from an IKEA catalog; Guilty!  We found there practical furniture, perfect for our boys and in our budget. We chose blue no because the conception that is a gender color but because after some research we found out that those with bedrooms in blue tones tend to get the best rest and wake up feeling happy and positive. We painted the walls with Clas Ohlson's painting Blue Sky.

For more color in the bedroom inspiration go to NIB. I am already inspired for my next projects one of them our master bedroom!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Red Carpet Theme Party For a 10 Year Old.

It was a very special occasion so I had to roll the red carpet for my son's 10 years birthday party.
I decorated with some simple details to make it fancy fun.

For the family reunion I decorated with gold balloons and stars hanging from the roof. 

The red table runner is actually gift wrapping paper that I pimped with gold stars.

I made a pennant with pictures of the birthday boy to hang on the window. I also put some pictures over the table, it was nice to look at them and comment some of our boy special moments while we were eating cake.

I personalized chips containers to make it more easy and fun to pick up snacks. Everybody put what they wanted on them. 

Blog mood is up again after a long summer absence. I have more party inspiration to share, personal experiences and ideas. I hope to reach back to my readers. 

See you soon!

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Beauty and The Beast

Last winter we made room in our master bedroom for a vanity corner. I gor the perfect opportunity to combine 2 elements in this room -"the beauty and the beast": the beauty is this easy and trendy DIY decoration for the mirror. The TV is the beast: sometimes I wish we didn't have it, but since we are addicted to some TV-series, this is somehow a "must"

My husband was in charge to hang the TV on the wall and my job was to decorate the vanity corner.

I was thinking what kind of mirror should l get there and I had no doubt about how it had to look. The original designer-mirror had a price that didn't match my budget, so I had to do something about it. The round mirror from IKEA was perfect for my project. I “framed” it with two belts to create the designer trendy look.

The lightning around the mirror was the tricky part but I found inspiration on another trendy style and made a hanger out of cooper tubes from Clas Ohlson for the lamp.

The lamp is also from Clas Ohlson, but I painted with cooper paint to make it pop! I was inspired by the Urban Jungle Bloggers and I put a plant on my bedroom - I love the heart shape leaves.

My husband made my wish come true painting the wall with a very nice Green Cooper color from Clas Ohlson. I ejoy the contrast the green and the brown and colors that pop like the yellow and coral from this HAY trays. The cute pyramid is from Annaleena Design.

I had so much fun doing this make over that took me several months.

Thanks for stopping by, 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Blue Room

Hola! Por fin puedo publicar un nuevo post y de paso participar en PetiteCandela #decopedia4 con el tema La Deco Para Peques. Ya vieron la habitacion de juegos de mis chicos?  En este post les muestro el dormitorio. 
Hello! Finally I can post something new and take part of PetiteCandela #decopedia4. In the preview post you can see how we decorated the boys playroom. In this post I will show you the boys bedroom.

Los chicos comparten dormitorio el cual esta decorado para que sea confortable y con el único propósito de dormir. El color de la habitación es azul pero no por ser un color genérico; después de investigar un poco encontré que los que tienen este color en su habitación tienden a descansan mejor y se despiertan felices y positivos. Aquí hemos pintado la pared con el color Summer Sky de Clas Ohlson.
The boys share a room that is calm and comfortable for the main purpose of sleeping. The bedroom is the Blue room. Blue is not only a gender color, after a little internet research I found out that those with bedrooms in this color tend to get the best rest and wake up feeling happy and positive. We painted the walls with Clas Ohlson's painting Blue Sky.

Escogimos la litera SVÄRTA porque su sencillo estilo y es perfecta para ahorrar espacio. Cada chico tiene su guarda-ropa PAX  y como mesa de noche cada uno tiene su espacio en este precioso IKEA PS armario. Que haríamos sin IKEA?!
The SVÄRTA Bunk bed frame was our first bed choice we liked the simple look and saving space perfect to share for the boys. Each boy has a PAX wardrobe for keeping their clothes organize. We used the turquoise IKEA PS Cabinet as an alternative for nightstand. What will we do with out IKEA?!

Espero que disfruten mi post y ya mismo me voy a ver mas inspiración en la #decopedia4.
I hope you enjoy my post and right now I am going to visit the #decopedia4 for more inspiration.

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